• All City Council Agendas are posted 72 hours prior to the meeting on the bulletin board outside the main entrance door at City Hall. Notices which must be advertised are published in the official town paper.
  • To have an item placed on an agenda or if you have questions concerning an agenda or agenda item, please contact City Hall.
  • For a complete listing of all meetings schedules, please see Public Notices.

Agenda Archive

Jan 10Jan 9Jan 8Jan 11Feb13
Feb 14Jan 9 AmendFeb 12Feb 8Mar 13
Mar14Feb 13Feb 12 AmendMar 14Apr 10
Apr 11Mar 13Mar 12CancelledMay 8
May 16Apr 10Mar 19May 9Jun 12
May 16 AmendMay 8Apr 9May 17July 10
Jun 13May 8 AmendMay 14June 13
July 11June 12Jun 8July 11
Aug 8July 10Jun 10 SpecialAug 8
Aug 8 AmendAug 14Jul 13Sept 12
Sept 7 BWSept 4Aug 10Oct 11
Sept 12 CancelSept 11Aug 13 SpecialNov 14
Sept 19Sept 18Aug 24 SpecialDec 12
Sept 24Oct 9Sept 14
Sept 27Nov 13Sept 21 Special
Oct 10CancelledOct 19
Nov 14Nov 9
Dec 12Dec 14

20092009 cont.20102010 cont.20112011 cont.20122012 cont.
Jan 12Aug10Jan 11Sept 20Jan 14Aug 8 WSJan 12Nov 8
Feb 9Aug 24Jan 25Oct 14Feb 10Aug 11Feb 9Dec 13
Feb 23Sept 14Feb 2 SpecialNov 15Mar 10Sept 11Feb 9 amend
Feb 23 AmendSept 28Feb 8Dec 9Apr 14Oct 13Mar 5
Mar 23Oct 12Feb 22May 12Nov 10 CancelApr 12
April 27Nov 23Mar 8May SpecialDec 15May 10
May 11Dec 14Apr 12June 9June 14
June 8May 13July 14July 12
June 22June 10July 12 AmendAug 16
July 13July 8July 21Sept 13
Aug 12July 25Oct 11